Our business is socially responsible

ZM Henryk Kania S.A. We actively support activities and initiatives for children and youth in the field of charity, development of culture, education and sport. We also help the poor. We sponsor meals for the needy.

In 2016, we started cooperation with Śląski Bank Żywności. Thanks to that, we sponsor food for about 50,000 inhabitants of Silesia being in need. We became the first meat processor in Poland that decided to sign a long-term agreement with the Bank


- Since the beginning, we have been a company from Silesia. Therefore, the good of our region and the people living in it is particularly important to us. The activity of
Śląski Bank Żywności perfectly reflects our values and underlines our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility. That is why we came out with the initiative to start cooperation that met with a quick and, most importantly, positive response from the Bank,
explained Dominika Rąba, Vice-President of ZM Henryk Kania S.A., on the day of signing the agreement.

- Lots of companies regularly cooperate with our organization but, until now, there were no meat processing plants among them. We are even happier that together with ZM Henryk Kania we will be able to open a new chapter in the history of Śląski Bank Żywności - added Jan Szczęśniewski, President of the Management Board of Śląski Bank Żywności.

Sport and environment

We are happy to engage in numerous sports initiatives. That is why we have been organizing a street basketball tournament for children - Henryk Kania Cup as well as Henryk Kania Ski Cup. By doing this, we integrate not only the local community but also our employees who are willing to join in the organization of these events.

We also integrate environmental care into our activities. However, in addition to developing a good internal policy in the field of environmental protection, we strive to lead to a deeper integration of the principles of sustainable development into key organizational procedures, such as customer service, development of new products and investment policy.