środa, 31 sierpnia 2016

ZM Henryk Kania partners with Ekstraklasa

ZM Henryk Kania S.A has signed a contract with Ekstraklasa S.A, therefore becoming Ekstraklasa's Official Partner. The company is Poland's leading producer of meats, and the partnership with the most popular sports league in Poland LOTTO Ekstraklasa will further help it reach millions of clients. The partnership will last till the end of season 2017/18.

16 clubs, close to 400 professional players, millions of fans in front of the TV's, and 2.7 million fans in the stadiums - these numbers show how great of a reach to consumers ZM Henryk Kania will have thanks to LOTTO Ekstraklasa. As stated in the contract, the Henryk Kania brand will be advertised in different forms on all Ekstraklasa stadiums, including until the end of this season, and throughout the whole season of 2017/18. Included in the promotional operations are use of the partner's logo, a large presence on Ekstraklasa's social media channels, and tv rights. There are also plans to collaborate on promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

- Sport combines many different values, some of which are also embodied in our company. That's passion, commitment, and effective ways to reach assigned goals. Most often, it reates positive association, garners whole families, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. For a long time we've realized that it's worth to support sport, and to invest in it. That's why partnering with Ekstraklasa is a big next step for our company, yet a natural one with in our consistently built marketing and PR strategy - says Henryk Kania, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ZM Henryk Kania S.A.

- Ekstraklasa is the most popular and exciting sports league in Poland. Each year our games attract millions of fans to the stadiums and in front of the TV screens. Thanks to that, we're a perfect platform for brand communication and promotion, and also a perfect place for brands to fulfill their business goals using the sponsoring rights. I'm convinced that a partnership with such a large company as ZM Henryk Kania S.A., will bring lots of benefits to both sides - says Dariusz Marzec, President of the Board of Directors of Ekstraklasa S.A.

The contract went into effect at the start of Matchweek 34 of the LOTTO Ekstraklasa, which began on May 17th.