Meat Snacks


Bacon crisps, meat crisps in two flavours, classic jerky as well as mini kabanos sausages and mini frankfurters with sauce comprise an offer of meat snacks by Henryk Kania, which is just reaching shop shelves. These are mostly completely new products packed in modern and convenient packages - bags and cups. They are ideal for everyday situations - as lunch at school or work, on trips, on social meetings or for cheering together in front of the TV. They are characterised by high meatiness and protein content.


Poultry protein bar and poultry snack - they are two products which give rise to an innovative line on the Polish meat market dedicated "for women" under Henryk Kania Maestro brand. Both of them, despite high meatiness, have high animal protein content, which is absorbed much better than the protein of vegetable origin. What is more, they do not contain phosphates and monosodium glutamate. One 25-gram "for women" meat bar contains 66 kcal. Both the bar and the poultry snack are characterized by low carbohydrate content.


Clean label, very high protein content and, most of all, an innovative and pioneering concept of a food product - this is a short description of novelties by Zakłady Mięsne Henryk Kania S.A., which are Henryk Kania Active meat protein bars. They are offered in two different flavours - pork and poultry ones. Consumption of one 25-gram bar fulfils at least 20 percent of daily demand for protein.

Let us add that this is animal protein which is digested much better than the one of vegetable origin. The poultry variant contains 66 kcal, and the pork variant has 87 kcal